1. Definitions of terms used in the regulations.
    1. Terms and Conditions - this set of rules defining the rules for the operation of the website at biptpaylink.com
    2. Administrator - the owner of the bitpaylink.com website.
    3. Bitpaylink.com Website - a page distributed by the Administrator on which the Services are provided.
    4. Services - Services provided electronically by the Administrator on the bitpaylink.com website according to the rules set out in the Regulations.
    5. Registration - a one-off activity, based on the creation of an account on the bitpaylink.com website.
    6. User - any person who uses the site bitpaylink.com, i.e. the person who made the Registration on the above-mentioned website.
    7. E-mail notification - a message sent from the Administrator's servers to the user's e-mail address registered on the bitpaylink.com website.
    8. Content - information provided by the bitpaylink.com website as part of the Service.
  2. General provisions.
    1. These Terms and Conditions define the terms and conditions of use of the Services available on the bitpaylink.com website.
    2. Each person who intends to become a Bitpaylink.com User is obliged to read the Terms and Conditions before registering.
    3. When using the bitpaylink.com website, the User is obliged to comply with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions and should use the bitpaylink.com website in a manner consistent with its rules.
    4. Registration on the bitpaylink.com website means acceptance of all provisions of these Terms and Conditions.
    5. The contract for the provision of Services, consisting in the User's access to the Content located on the bitpaylink.com website after logging in to the User, is concluded at the time of registration.
    6. The User is obliged not to interfere with the Administrator's computer systems and not attempt to circumvent the regulations or procedures in force when using the Service.
  3. Rules for using the bitpaylink.com site.
    1. The bitpaylink.com site is a tool used to promote BitcoinZ cryptocurrency (BTCZ) and to earn money by sharing links to the bitpaylink.com.
    2. For each successful recommendation of the bitpaylink.com site, i.e. when a registered User establishes an account on the bitpaylink.com website and activates it, s/he receives remuneration.
    3. In addition, you will receive commission remuneration every time a person activating an account from your order makes a purchase on the bitpaylink.com website, i.e. a packet with links to refer to (BPL) or lottery tickets, we receive a commission from these purchases.
    4. The use of the bitpaylink.com website is only possible on-line in connection consequently it is necessary for the User to have access to the Internet. The User is charged with the costs of connection to the Internet in accordance with the agreements concluded with the telecommunication's operator.
    5. In order to use the services of the bitpaylink.com website, after you read these Regulations, you must register an account on the website. The registration form gives you the username, email and password. Next, in order to activate the services, you need to enter: country, date of birth and address of the BitcoinZ wallet.
    6. To fully activate the service, it is necessary to make a one-time payment by sending the appropriate amount indicated on the website to the given BitcoinZ address.
    7. By entering a one-time activation fee, you get a certain amount of BitPayLinks into your account or you can also buy them in packets. Each BitPayLink is one effective command of the bitpaylink.com site, therefore after receiving the remuneration for BitPayLink is deducted from the account of one BitPayLink.
    8. The system approves only transactions carried out properly, i.e. those in which the BitcoinZ address given on the website (when placing the order) and BitcoinZ amount to be sent are right. Transactions sent to a different address than the one specified in the order or to the proper address, but for an amount lower than in the order are forfeited, and the services ordered are not activated. Incorrectly sent payments are not subject to complain.
    9. By registering on the bitpaylink.com site, the User declares that the data provided by him is true, that he is at least 18 years old and that he agrees to the collection and processing of personal data by the Administrator, to the extent necessary to use the bitpaylink.com website, purposes of advertising the Administrator's own products or offers, as well as for marketing analyzes related to the use of the service by its Users.
    10. Details regarding personal data and related matters are contained in the document called "Privacy Policy" constituting an integral attachment to these Regulations. Before creating an account you are obliged to be acquainted with this attachment on the bitpaylink.com website.
    11. Remuneration for each activation of the referred user is subject to a small network fee BTCZ which is subtracted each time, while the purchases shopping commissions on the bitpaylink.com website made by referrals users are exempted from the network BTCZ fee for the transfer.
    12. When considering using a gambling service, make sure that you abide by the laws in force in your country.
    13. Users using the site bitpaylink.com can receive email notifications with information about their earnings and email notifications when the amount of BitPayLinks available on their account ends.
    14. The users of the bitpaylink.com site in the "Settings" section may at any time enable or disable all email notifications available on the site.
  4. Responsibility and reservations.
    1. The administrator makes every effort to ensure that the page bitpaylink.com is free from any errors, and browsing the Content should work without any disruptions, but it does not guarantee the correctness of its operation and its individual functions.
    2. The Administrator assures that every effort will be made to ensure that the information provided by Users is properly protected in a manner provided for in the protection of personal data.
    3. The Administrator ensures that it will not disclose any User data to any other third parties without a legal basis ordering the Administrator to do so in any other way than is required by the functioning of the bitpaylink.com website. The exception is the technical entity handling the site bitpaylink.com, which has the Administrator's consent to view Users' data.
    4. The Administrator reserves the right to:
      • immediately cease to provide the Service of the User who breaks the provisions of these Regulations,
      • regulations, interruptions that prevent the temporary operation of the bitpaylink.com site caused by maintenance of ICT systems,
      • publishing information directed by Users to the Administrator regarding issues related to the functioning of the bitpaylink.com website and advice given, and others, which the Administrator will consider to be worth making public.
    5. The administrator is not responsible for:
      • faulty operation of telecommunication systems independent of the Administrator and necessary for the proper functioning of the bitpaylink.com website and for the condition of the User's Devices on which bitpaylink.com has been launched - affecting the operation of the bitpaylink.com website,
      • uninterrupted availability of Content and parameters for the quality of access to them. The parameters and the quality of access depend on the bandwidth of the Internet network between the Administrator and the User, as well as other factors not on the part of the Administrator,
      • an independent and non-culpable loss of data stored in the Administrator's computer systems, caused by hardware failure or loss due to the actions of third parties,
      • lost benefits incurred by the User or other third parties as a result of using the bitpaylink.com website,
      • loss of Users' accounts as a result of sharing a password assigned to a given User account to third parties or in any other way independent of the Administrator.
  5. Complaint proceedings.
    1. The Administrator provides Users with technical assistance regarding the functioning of the bitpaylink.com website and the possibility of reporting complaints via the contact form available on the website.
    2. Filing a complaint should include:
      • an account user name,
      • the e-mail provided during account registration,
      • date and time of occurrence of the problem,
      • a detailed description of the problem.
    3. Correctly reported complaints will be considered no later than within 14 business days counted from the moment of receiving information about the resulting irregularity.
    4. The Administrator undertakes to remove as far as possible the irregularities reported by the User or to inform the User about not accepting the complaint.
  6. Copyright and related rights.
    1. The Administrator declares that he is entitled to copyrights to the site bitpaylink.com in the use and disposal in all fields of exploitation and the right to the Content provided in it. The programming code of the bitpaylink.com website is reserved for the Administrator.
    2. Upon registering an account on the bitpaylink.com website, the Administrator grants the User a license to use it in accordance with its intended use and on the terms set out in these Regulations.
    3. Sharing of the Content contained on the bitpaylink.com website is for the Users to carry out the BitPayLink Services.
    4. The administrator does not give consent to:
      • copying the bitpaylink.com website code,
      • using the bitpaylink.com website for other purposes than its intended use,
      • any modifications to create derivatives of the product on the basis of the bitpaylink.com website.
  7. Final Provisions.
    1. In matters not covered by these Terms and Conditions, the legal provisions apply.
    2. The content of the Terms and Conditions may change. Users will be informed about the change in the regulations by means of an e-mail message. If the changes are not accepted, the User should withdraw from the Agreement by informing the Administrator.
    3. Terms and Conditions are available on the Internet at https://bitpaylink.com/terms-privacy#terms
    4. Terms and Conditions come into force on the day of publishing the bitpaylink.com site.


  1. General information.
    1. The BitpayLink.com website administrator is BitPayLink.
    2. We provide our Users with full respect for their privacy and protection of their personal data.
    3. Each User who has provided his personal data to bitpaylink.com has full access to their data in order to verify, modify or request their removal.
    4. The bitpaylink.com service performs the functions of obtaining information about users and their behavior in the following way:
      • through data voluntarily entered into forms,
      • by saving cookies in the end devices,
      • by collecting data of the web server by the hosting operator.
    5. When the User uses the bitpaylink.com site, server logs are collected, which may contain information such as IP addresses, types of devices, types of operating systems.
    6. The needed data necessary for the smooth functioning of the service proposed by the bitpaylink.com website is collected.
    7. These data are used by the bitpaylink.com website also for statistical surveys and marketing analyzes related to the use of bitpaylink.com website services by its Users.
    8. The user also provides yours the BitcoinZ address to the bitpaylink.com website for payment.
    9. This data may be made available to authorized bodies in the framework of legal investigations, fraud prevention and securing the proper functioning of the service.
  2. Personal data.
    1. The purpose of collecting personal data by the Administrator is:
      • providing the Users with the possibility of using the services of the bitpaylink.com website,
      • direct marketing of own products or services of cooperating entities.
    2. The user provides the following data when registering an account on the bitpaylink.com website: username and e-mail.
    3. The remaining data is entered by the user after logging in to the settings: country, date of birth and the address of BitcoinZ for payment.
    4. At the same time, the data entered the settings should contain true information.
    5. In addition, the entered profile photo, which is not mandatory, should represent the User in such a way that it does not mislead as to the appearance and identity. It is forbidden to publish photographs of public figures, photos of sexual content or photographs that violate the principles of social coexistence.
    6. The User is responsible for the information and photos posted in the opinion.
    7. All data provided by the user are not visible to other users of the bitpaylink.com website, except for the username available when setting up the account and in the statistics and for the information and photos posted in the opinion.
    8. The bitpaylink.com website stores your personal data for as long as the User uses the website to ensure its proper functioning. Some data may be stored after deleting a user account - username that identifies the account.
    9. BitPayLink undertakes to make every effort and to invest all available funds to ensure that the data is stored as secure as possible. However, the user is under an obligation to take appropriate measures to protect his data and to properly protect the password assigned to the account.
    10. Any questions, applications and suggestions relating to the protection of your privacy, in particular personal data, please report via the contact form available on the bitpaylink.com website.
  3. Information about cookies.
    1. The website uses cookies.
    2. Cookies (so-called "cookies") are IT data, in particular text files, which are stored on the Website User's end device and are intended for using the Website's websites. Cookies usually contain the name of the website from which they originate, their storage time on the end device and a unique number.
    3. The entity that places cookies on the Website User's terminal device and gains access to them is the Website operator.
    4. Cookies are used for the following purposes:
      • create statistics that help to understand how Website Users use web pages, which allows improving their structure and content;
      • maintaining the Website User's session (after logging in), thanks to which the User does not have to re-enter his login and password on every sub page of the Website;
      • defining a user's profile in order to display him tailored materials in advertising networks, in particular the Google network.
    5. The Website uses two basic types of cookies: "session" (sessioncookies) and "permanent" (persistentcookies). Session cookies are temporary files that are stored on the User's end device until logging out, leaving the website or turning off the software (web browser). Persistent cookies are stored on the User's device for the time specified in the cookie file parameters or until they are deleted by the User.
    6. Software for browsing websites (web browser) usually by default allows storing cookies on the User's end device. Website Users can change the settings in this area. The web browser allows you to delete cookies. It is also possible to automatically block cookies. Detailed information on this subject is provided in the help or documentation of the web browser.
    7. Restrictions on the use of cookies may affect some functionalities available on the Website, therefore it is absolutely not recommended disabling them.
    8. Cookies placed on the Website User's end device may also be used by advertisers and partners cooperating with the Website operator.
    9. We recommend reading the privacy policy of these companies in order to learn the rules of using cookies used in the statistics.
    10. Cookie files may be used by advertising networks, in particular the Google network, to display advertisements tailored to the manner in which the user uses the Website. For this purpose, they can save information about the user's navigation path or the time of staying on a given page.
    11. In terms of information about user preferences collected by the Google advertising network, the user can view and edit information derived from cookies using the Google tool.
  4. Server logs.
    1. Information about some behaviors of users is subject to logging in the server layer. These data are used only to administer the website and to ensure the most efficient service of hosting services.
    2. The browsed resources are identified by URL addresses. In addition, the save may be subject to:
      • the time of arrival of the inquiry,
      • time to send a response,
      • name of the client station - identification carried out by the HTTP protocol,
      • information about errors that occurred during the execution of the HTTP transaction,
      • URL address of the page previously visited by the user (referrer link) - in the case when the transition to the Website was made by hyperlinks,
      • information about the user's browser,
      • Information about the IP address.
    3. The above data is not associated with specific people browsing the site.
    4. The above data is used only for the purposes of page functioning and server administration.
  5. Providing data.
    1. The data is made available to third parties only within legally permitted limits.
    2. Data enabling the identification of a natural person is made available only with the consent of that person.
    3. The operator may be required to provide information collected by the Website to authorized authorities on the basis of lawful requests.
  6. Managing cookie files - how to express and withdraw consent in practice.
    1. If the user does not want to receive cookies, he may change the browser settings. We reserve that disabling cookies necessary for authentication processes, security, maintaining user preferences may make it difficult, and in extreme cases may prevent the use of websites.
    2. In order to manage cookies settings, get acquainted with the web browser/system and follow their instructions.