General Questions is a unique service using blockchain technology that allows you to earn money by recommending its services to other people as well as taking part in the lottery. Also, this site has a noble goal of promoting BitcoinZ cryptocurrency (BTCZ).
Each person who registers an account and activates gets their unique link assigned. Every time the link is shared and is used to set up and activate another new account, the payout is obtained. The person that registered using your link is assigned to your account, so besides, you can earn on the purchases of any person previously registered with your link.
You can trust us because you don't have to wait a certain amount of time or have a set amount for your payment to be collected. Transfers are made immediately after any amount earned. Payments are made to the account holder's wallet. This solution guarantees full security.


Yes, the accounts are anonymous. Registration does not require providing your name, address, etc.
The username is a unique identifier of the account. It assigns earnings with your account.
The country date used for statistical purposes only to improve the website, while the date of birth is needed to confirm the age of the user.
The address of your wallet is needed to automatically receive your payout, therefore it is mandatory when activating the account.
Each user activating the account only with the code purchased by cryptocurrency receives 100 BTCZ. Activating account by BitcoinZ does not entitle you to receive BTCZ.
Logging in allows you to view payout statistics and your lottery results. You can also change your account settings, buy lottery tickets and packages of links and express your opinion.


For each person who registers an account and activates it using the link assigned to your account on BitPayLink, you receive a commission to your BitcoinZ wallet that equals 5 USD in BitcoinZ calculated with the current BTCZ to the USD exchange rate. For each BitPayLink Activation Pack purchased by the user you have invited, 20% of the purchase value goes to you, this equals 6 USD in BitcoinZ. For every lottery ticket they purchase, you receive 20% of the value of the lottery ticket, this equals 0.002 USD in BitcoinZ.


You can generate your BitcoinZ address at or You can also use the wallet on your computer or app for Android or iOS, such as or You can also create an account on any cryptocurrency market supporting BitcoinZ and there you will receive your BitcoinZ wallet address. Addresses of some BitcoinZ exchanges and links to some BitCoinZ wallets can be found at
To properly carry out a transaction, you have to send the BitcoinZ from your wallet or directly from the cryptocurrency exchange. The amount sent must be the same or higher as the one required in your dashboard and must be sent to the address provided there
Each transaction to be completed and included in the BitPayLink system requires only one confirmation in the blockchain network.


To recommend the website, simply share your unique BitPayLink, consisting of After clicking the link, the person registering the account will be assigned to you in the system. You can also use ready-made sharing modules available in the dashboard, after logging in. Ready to share content is available in the form of Facebook or Twitter posts, e-mail, and an already-made HTML code to paste into your website.


The number of active BitPayLinks linked to your account determines how many new users can activate your account after clicking your unique link. More BitPayLinks means more earning opportunities.
By activating the account by a card you get 10 BitPayLink for free or activating by a BTCZ you get 1 BitPayLink for free and it is an opportunity to recommend the website to 1 person. You can purchase any number of BitPayLinks in packs – one pack includes 100 BitPayLinks and 3 free lottery tickets.


The result of lottery draw is the hash number of every 10,000th block in the BitcoinZ blockchain, and more precisely its last 4 digits, omitting the letters from the hash number of the block. For example, for block number 460000 with hash 0000006f5098d679b9cef018a1a3b2c15cb5b2c7f35c09d7237e607db40c3b40, the result of the draw is number 0340.
The lottery has three levels of prizes: two, three and four matched numbers. Four matching numbers win the main prize, equals the entire funds assigned to the level of 4 matched numbers. When there is no winning in a particular level, the funds collected are being accumulated till the next draw. The values of the prizes vary depending on the value of funds collected per level and the number of winners.
80% of the value of lottery tickets and 20% of the value of BitPayLinks Activation Packs purchased is being added to the lottery prize fund. The fund is divided into prize levels in the following proportions: 50% for having four matching digits, 30% for having three and 20% for having two.
The Jackpot is the total prize fund accumulated for all levels in the current draw including possible accumulations from previous draws.
The results of the draw are provided on the "Lottery" page and the details of your coupon in the "My lottery" section. The amounts won are automatically transferred to the address of your BitcoinZ wallet. Also, you can verify the correctness of the draw on any page presenting the BitcoinZ blockchain, such as the one here
One lottery coupon costs 0.01 USD payable in BitcoinZ calculated with the current market exchange rate.
The trustworthiness of the draw is guaranteed because the result of the draw can be verified using the blockchain’s hash number, this cannot be predicted or manipulated in any way.

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