BitcoinZ (BTCZ) is a digital currency (cryptocurrency) powered exclusively through the active community, with no single leader or owner. Its developers act freely and on a purely voluntary basis. BitcoinZ uses the Proof of Work (PoW) consensus algorithm, similar to Bitcoin (BTC). It has a noble goal of making the worldwide trade easier, with close to zero transfer fees and quick transactions (2MB block every 2.5 minutes is equal to 1,560 transactions per minute).

BitcoinZ has its own genesis block with its own unique blockchain making it one of the few cryptocurrencies with a fair, transparent and honest beginning. BTCZ is not a fork of BTC. In the history of BTCZ, there was no coin airdrop or ICO. Consistent with its fair spirit, BTCZ was never premined. Throughout the whole period of its existence, BTCZ was and is mined on equal conditions where everyone receives BTCZ coin reward proportional to the contributed computing power. Instead of unfair ICO, airdrop, fees, or a premine mechanisms, BTCZ community has decided to implement a VaultZ system, a community vault where 5% of reward from each newly mined block is deposited in. Currently, it is 625 BTCZ/block. This vault serves as a source of community funds that can be used to incentivize new development milestones that will support BTCZ adoption and awareness. Each VaultZ spending proposal is voted on democratically and the community as a whole has a final say on whether a proposal is worth the VaultZ funding or not. This truly represents BTCZ's honest spirit where everyone has an opportunity to contribute to the project either by raising a new proposal to be voted on or by directly participating in a voting. BitcoinZ technically uses the ZCash core, offering the privacy of transactions thanks to strong encryption (something, that Bitcoin doesn’t have). Thanks to zk-SNARKs cryptography it also has faster speeds of currency transactions in comparison to Bitcoin.

The coin was designed with a 1,000 fold larger supply than Bitcoin (maximum supply of 21 billion in comparison to 21 million Bitcoin), to facilitate price creation, lacking long decimal numbers.

A 50% reduction in the coin reward for every newfound block ( HALVING ) is similar to Bitcoin and will occur every 4 years. First BTCZ halving will take place around 1st October 2021 and will reduce the block reward from 12,500 to 6,250 coins. BitcoinZ has a mission of always being able to be mined by graphic card (GPU) owners in opposition to ASIC devices, thus supporting the decentralization of mining. BTCZ developers pioneered the Zhash mining algorithm, a superior derivative of Equihash that stopped being ASIC-resistant, which was subsequently used by several other crypto projects. By remaining ASIC-resistant, BitcoinZ enables every GPU owner to mine this coin with a proportional reward to card quality and prevent ASIC-owners from mining centralization and taking control of the network. BitcoinZ is available on several cryptocurrency exchanges (STEX, EXMO, SAFETRADE, CREX24, BTC-Alpha, GRAVIEX) , with its own exclusive mobile wallets and full nodes for multiple operating systems and mobile devices and it is hosted in the best crypto wallets Coinomi, Zelcore, and SafePay, also available on iOS!

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You will also find BitcoinZ in all known cryptocurrency apps, such as CMC, Whattomine, Blockfolio, and Delta.

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